maple wood

"die Seele"
poplar wood

"anlehnende Frau"
Oak glazed, 133cm

                 Oak light, 150cm
                 smooth above 
                 and rough below

                 maple wood burnt

"I with me III"
maple wood burnt
ca. 80cm

              "young woman with boy"
               maple wood burnt

               Oak wood burnt
               and sheet

"great fool" 71cm Oak wood light              "Druid" 103cm larch wood

"I with me"
poplar burnt

64cm Oak light

maple wood burnt

                 "the littel prince"
                 29cm without base
                 larch wood

                 61cm without base
                 Oak burnt

     "to rice again"          "Sterntaler"                  "Torso"             "big Torso"
   maple wood burnt         poplar burnt            Oak wood burnt         poplar burnt


 Sculptures      lime-tree, 105-120 cm

Current Works

Light Couple "Meeting"
Apple wood ca. 175cm
Light and Dark Couple
1000 year old Oak

inside like outside - outside like inside

Ikarus´s Daughter Douglas fir
Größe 203cm
Section of:
"The One who stands before me"
Poplar 260cm
"You and Me"
Cherry Wood
Größe 175cm
Section of:
"The Other"
Poplar burnt 180cm
Burnt Cherry wood
101 und 105cm
Section of:
"The Reliance"
Cherry wood
Sanded 190cm

3. International sculptor's symposium - 2011 Bad Salzhausen

63667 Bad Salzhausen, Sculpture park 07.2011
originates in cooperation with Axel Wilisch
on behalf of Kunst:Projekt e.V.
a rooted sculpture "In the course of the time"

3. Laubacher Artist Symposium - 2010

17th International Wood sculpting Symposium 2009 Finland

Festspielburg - Bad Vilbel since 2008

"Excerpt from Paradise"

2. Laubacher Artist Symposium - 2008