Topical exhibitions

91560 Heilsbronn
"In die Welt gestellt"
An exhibition of sculptures and pictures, in the cathedral, the religious education center and in public space.
Opening: So. 06.05. at 1115 a.m.
from 06.05. to 09.09.2018
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18347 Ahrenshoop,
Alte Weberei
a place of art, spirit and community
Appartments, Workshops & Seminare
Weg zum Hohen Ufer 10
from 08.04.2018
Paintings "stella maris 2.0"
and Sculpturs "die Badenden"
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63667 Bad Salzhausen
ART INSIDE, Kurstrasse 3,
always changing exhibiting artists:
Change of scene No 16
Axel Wilisch - sculpture
Stephan Guber - painting und sculpture

10117 Berlin, Ebertstraße 15
wir - w
       - individuell
       - respektvoll
Hessische Landesvertretung
In den Ministergärten 5
from 20.09.2017 permanently on the outside

61118 Bad Vilbel "Paradise"
Sculpture installation all around the festival performance castle
- extends and anew records  since 2012 -
from Mai to September

61462 Falkenstein, working on site
at the evangelical church to create an exterior sculpture
to the  Reformation jubilee 2017

at last

32423 Minden
Under the motto "Zwischenräume" (gaps)
The Hospizkreis presents its anniversary,
In collaboration with the kath. Local community,
Work from the exhibition projects
"ecce homo 3.0" and "Leib und Leben"
the artist Stephan Guber
in the Bürgerhalle Minden and in the cathedral
from 04.11. to 30.11.2017

35423 Lich
Mensch! Luther!
- "ecce homo 3.0"
ev. Marienstiftskirche Lich
from 09.09. to 31.10.17
Opening: 10.09.17 at 1200 am

65760 Eschborn
Gallery at the Town Hall
"Aufbruch in den Innenraum"
Sculptures, graphics, painting
Unterortstraße 27
from 12.07. to 31.08.17
Opening 12.07. at 630 in the evening
closer under:

48204 Warendorf
Freckenhorster Str. 2
"Maria ImPuls der Zeit"
Maria Ebbers Stiftung
from Sa. 19.08. in the evening
and So. 20.08.2017

91560 Heilsbronn
Group exhibition
in the "Klostermühle"
from 14.06. to 27.07.2017
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61169 Friedberg 
Castle Church
Exhibition on the Passionship
"Leib und Leben"
from 09.03. to 30.04.17

18375 Ostseebad Prerow
at the sailers church
ecce homo 3.0
sculptures and pictures
from 15.05. to 04.09.16
closer under:

71665 Vaihingen Klein-Glattbach
akademie Vaihingen
in the middle from March 2015 till 05.01.2016
"Eisweiss und Rosenrot"
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63607 Wächtersbach
"27. Wächterbacher Art-Event"
from 10.10. to 18.10.2015

35423 Lich "Art in Licher barns
- and in other historical places"
12.09. and 13.09.2015

63303 Dreieich-Buchschlag
"Open gardens 2015"
21. June 2015

35321 Laubach, Schlossgalerie
Im Schloss Laubach
"Working report"
Axel Wilisch & Stephan Guber
from 23.08. - 28.09.2014 
Opening Sa. 23.08. 1100 in the mornings
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61231 Bad Nauheim, Dankeskirche, Kurstrasse
"ecce homo 2.0"
from the 05.07. to the 14.09.2014 
Opening 05.07. 1700
closer under:


NL 6041 HR Roermond,
Galerie DZD Art
Willem II Singel 59
from 18.05. to the 06.07.2014
closer under:


"The visitors"

Situatively the variable Sculpture installation-project

63667 Nidda
in the high school of Nidda
Space for art
from the 06.02. to the 22.02.2014

in the old power station gas heating
for visit on the 27.01.2014

65812 Bad Soden am Taunus
25 Years Galerie Elzenheimer

Badehaus im Alten Kurpark,
Königsteiner Straße 86
vom 02.11. bis 29.12.2013
closer under:
opening period extended to 05.01.2014

35519 Butzbach-Griedel
art in churches 2013
- Wetterau
from the 25.08. to the 03.10.2013
closer under:

chronological work origin
Final is on permanent display in the sculpture park Bad Salzhausen

4. International sculptor's symposium in Bad Salzhausen
from the 28.08 to 07.09.2013
closer under:

3. Sculptor's symposium in Oberursel
Rushmoorpark / Feldbergschule
from the 09.08. to 18.08.2013
closer under:

FIN - Kemijärvi  Residency
from the 10th to the 29th of January 2013

FIN - Kemijärvi
Kemijärven taiteilijaresidenssi
Terveloa residenssivierailun päättäjäisnäyttelyyn
Stephan Guber + Helli Hecht
"waiting for the light to come"
27.01.2013 avajaiset kello 11 - avoinna kello 18 asti

AUS - Hepburn  Residency
from the 15th of September to the 28th of October 2012

AUS - Daylesford, The Convent Gallery
"and they have got another sight"
from 24th of Oct. 2012 to Febr. 2013
Opening Wednesday 24th at 6pm
closer under:

AUS - Melbourne Pink Lady Art Exhibition 
Opening on Friday 26 October 7-9pm

CH Dornach, Goetheanum
from the 01.04.12 to the 15.04.12